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They say “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” and so it goes with incredible wrestling beauty Jade Pride when she finds out her boyfriend is texting and cheating with his ex-girlfriend.
Sexy Jade is a professional model. She’s only 5’1″ but her curvy, lush physique is packed with muscle and strength from 9 years of gymnastics. Jade brings raw emotion and intensity to this role-play because she told us this exact scenario actually happened to her. Jade walks into the living room to show off her new thong slingshot bikini. When he barely gives her a nod because he’s busy texting his ex, Jade gets suspicious. She grabs his phone and when she sees it’s his ex, all hell breaks loose. Jade jumps on Billy and squeezes him from start to finish. Her think, gargantuan thighs not only crush him, but she had the technique to get right in on his neck and him. He is completely overwhelmed and defenseless as she snaps his head, and literally mashes him in classic, figure 4, and reverse side scissors on the couch. Super-sexy Jade is our newest mixed wrestling super-star!
Jade continues by removing her top and revealing her perfect, natural breasts in between sections. As we begin part 2, Jade has Billy in a tight reverse side scissor on her couch. She brings her thick calves up hard, right across his face and smothers him. Then straightens them hard, snapping his head several times, then into a brutal side figure 4. Jade loves to inflict pain on her helpless beau, and she has perfect technique combined with thick, muscular gams! After releasing him, Billy slumps to the floor. Then after removing her top, Jade climbs on him and secures him in her grapevine. This is Jade’s specialty as she hip thrusts him into oblivion 5 different times. When she’s done with that amusement, she pulls his head up high into her cookie and mashes him in her front scissor. All of Jade’s charms, and perfect curvy physique are on display as she squeezes the daylights out of him! Watch Jade completely dominate her clueless boyfriend!
The gorgeous topless Jade then puts her legs to use, putting Billy in 2 further debilitating scissorholds. A fantastic, over 4 minute long reverse scissor, and a nearly 3.5 minute classic head scissor. In the reverse, Jade’s plump, tight tush wedges high up against his chin as she methodically switches between straight leg and figure 4 positions. Jade never rushes, once she straps her legs around your head, it’s torture time! In the classic scissor Jade loves to hit you with lots of hip snapping squeezes, and just when he thinks she’ll give him a breather she curls her leg back for the throat crushing figure 4. No woman in mixed wrestling is finer than Jade!
Jade’s completely softened him up for the kill, so she pulls him back to the couch and gets her massive thighs right across his neck and smashes his adams apple in a brutal throat scissor. When she rolls to her side she lifts him off the floor almost tearing his head off. Then she completely finishes him with a 3.5 minute long rear naked choke that has him passing out in her boa like grasp. Jade is one of the sexiest mixed wrestling women on the planet!!!


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