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HIGH QUALITY VIDEO IS DIVIDED INTO 2 PARTS , prepare your memory device please. I do not convert this video because its duration is one hour. You should see this in high quality.
Ooh, my menstrual cup is full of blood like my ass is full of shit. I wear rubber gloves because I like to touch myself in them. I take out the menstrual cup (I will use this blood later), fucking my pussy with a dildo, piss and shit a lot. It’s time for speculum! I show you my cervix for a long time, blood is dripping from my cervical hole, so juicy! However, this bunch of shit is waiting for my pussy, so I fill it completely, then let out a long, beautiful shit. Let’s see what’s inside of my pussy now…mmm, blood and shit look great together, what do you think? I smear shit and blood from the menstrual cup on my pussy and ass…Enjoy!
P.S. I always tried to show everything as close as possible to you, so I often hit my cam with a speculum (so I made the sounds quieter in some moments while editing video)
File name: Shit and Blood Vol.8 Speculum – Anna Coprofield
Format: MPEG-4
Duration: 01:02:06
Video: 1920×1080
Audio: 192 kb/s
File size: 3.88 GB


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